Thornberry Stables near Green Bay WI provides boarding facilities, horse training and riding lessons for all ages.
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About Thornberry Stables, LLC

Thornberry is a mid-size horse care facility set within a quiet upscale community of Hobart, WI.  We are located only two miles from the Green Bay's west side and a few blocks away from Thornberry Creek Golf Course.

We offer quality horse care within a pleasant environment.  We believe horses do best when they have a regular feeding program and have plenty of time outside (turn-out).

We ensure turn-out for the horses every day (weather permitting) and intermix them in a way so they can co-exist peacefully.  The paddocks are also routinely maintained for the horses safety and well being.

All horses are fed quality hay and grain products. Our feedings are spread out evenly within 3 daily intervals keeping the horses grazing longer. 

We have a lesson program that welcomes many types of riders, from beginner to intermediate and all ages too.  We cater to anyone wanting to learn about horses.  We also hold group lessons and occasional day camp activities (seasonal).

We are proud to be affiliated with experienced instructors who offer their professionalism.  They take the time to teach correct procedures and take safety precautions, all to make your riding experience a pleasurable one.  

You do not need to own a horse to ride one!  Just inquire with the trainers and they will get you started!  Learn new things, keep your skills fresh and fine tuned or take lessons just for fun. 

Our lesson horses accommodate many levels of riders!  If your either riding for the first time, an intermediate rider who likes a challenge, or looking to lease, we have a selection of horses for you!

Our stable is set within a scenic environment
, a spring fed creek with frequent visits from wildlife.  Turkeys and deer are seen strolling by.  We also offer a small wooded horse trail for our boarders to enjoy.

If your looking for a special place where your horse will prosper and a stable close to town, check us out.  And with all our stable amenities, we are very affordably priced.  




To inquire about boarding
, lessons or horse training visit our contact page.  We have indoor and outdoor boarding options and both enjoy the comforts of the facility and riding indoors within a fully insulated barn.

Navigate our website for more detailed information about our stable including interesting facts and learn much knowlege about horses and horseback riding!

~ Thornberry Stables, LLC

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