Thornberry Stables near Green Bay WI provides boarding facilities, horse training and riding lessons for all ages.
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  Whether your experienced or not,
our instructors have the expertise to guide you.
       "Caring for your equine friends."    
       Our horse stable is close to town to save you gas and time.
    Located ONLY 2 MILES from Green Bay!
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~ Horse Lessons and Instruction ~


Horse Lessons

 Quality Riding Instruction & Horse Lessons  
We are THE closest stable to west Green Bay!


Experience horses by learning how to ride in lessons, brush up on skills or prepare for shows.
 We offer riding in lessons only ... sorry, no trail riding.

To enhance education, skills and horsemanship for equine enthusiasts.  Teaching students balanced riding skills and guiding them towards compassion and respect for horses. 
Accommodating youth & family riding with skills from beginner to intermediate.  Instruction on the basics of pleasure riding and general courses on horse information and preparation for various activities with horses.
The trainer/
An equestrian enthusiast offering a variety of lesson horses for your riding enjoyment.  We have horses of many sizes and breeds, accommodating beginner to intermediate skill levels.  Our main focus is on English, hunt seat, pleasure riding and occasionally attend local horse shows.
Many years experience working with all age groups and educating others, particularly beginners.  We have an understanding for how students learn and use simple techniques to aid in retention.  
The stable/
We do not believe in harsh judgment of students or horses when in the process of learning.  It is our goal to ensure your performance is enhanced with positive reinforcements only.  Our main focus is on safety, responsibility and building confidence within students to help them accomplish their goals proactively.

We are proud to offer horseback riding lessons with an experienced trainer. 

Lessons are scheduled by referral only.  Contact us to make an appointment.

 A trainer offers horse riding lessons and equestrian learning classes.  Specialties include english, hunt seat and basic dressage.  A trainer works with riders of all skills and ages, but caters to beginners, especially children.  

A trainer's main focus is teaching correct riding behavior while building confidence in a safe manner.  They also provides horse training specific to the needs of your horse.  They also train any age of horse, conform problem horses and condition most types of horses.  

A trainer will guide you from the beginning and throughout your horse endeavors.  Whether it be on your horse or ours, they take the time to show you what you are seeking to learn.  Let a trainer's skill and knowledge assist you in accomplishing your goals! 


Horse Activities and Riding Lessons

Ride with your friends

Take comfort in our indoor arena.

Visit horses in their paddocks.

Take lessons with an accomplished trainer.

Learn all about horses.

Take an afternoon stroll.

Ride an experienced horse.

Have fun riding a variety of horses.

Ride in our large outdoor arena with a scenic backdrop.


Ride to sharpen your skills or just have fun!

Ride your horse or ours in lessons by yourself or within a group.

We mainly offer English, Hunt Seat and basic all-around riding. 
All tack is included with need to bring anything!

Lesson Horses


Shocker is a haflinger/cross pony for the kids or small adults.  He is gentle for beginners, yet spunky enough for advanced riders.

Al is a fancy saddlebred who loves kids and all around riding.

Our horses are trained and experienced.


Have fun riding a variety of horses 
or choose your favorite one!

 green bay horse lessons
Zorro is a layed back guy and loves his treats!  He also is a good candidate for leasing.


Digger is a very talented  Percheron/Quarter Horse cross and is ridden by intermediate and advanced lesson students.

Riches is a Percheron/ Thoroughbred cross. He is a gentle giant and great for larger students along with beginner riders.

Alcoa is a Paint horse and for all ages and all around riding.  He has two blue eyes and is very colorful!

Riches with lesson student.

 Timmy with lesson student.


Lesson Horse Accomplishments 



Digger has won multiple 1st place ribbons at local horse shows during his career, even taking 2 Grand Champion titles at WEC in 2003 with Brazilian trainer Julio. 

Yuri Ots riding Shocker and winning multiple 1st place ribbons at WEC in 2003.

Diana jumping Buddy, at a WEC hunter/jumper show, winning Grand Champion with Julio as her coach.

In Loving Memory

Buddy was multi-talented and one of the best horses around.  His specialty was lessons and the barn favorite for many years.  We miss him dearly.

 Timmy was the sweetest horse there ever was.  He is missed by all.  He was 34 years old.

We cater to beginners and welcome the kids!
Our instructors takes great pride in teaching beginners to ride a horse in a safe manner.  Our instruction is gentle and keeps the child's interests in mind.  We take precautions to use a lead line attached to the horse until the child is skilled enough to control the horse on their own.   
We have beautiful and experienced lesson horses ready to help you and your family learn horseback riding in a fun and safe way.  Build a lesson program customized to your budget and needs. 

Children's lessons                 *  Adult lessons      

  *  Lessons for sport                 *  Lessons for girls and boys  
 *  Lessons with family
              *  Lessons with friends

Enjoy the world of horses!

~ Types of Lessons and Instruction ~

Riding lessons / 6 yrs and up:

1/2 hour Private, Semi-private*, and Group*
1 hour Private, Semi-private*, and Group*
1/2 hour Horsemanship or Horse Basics

* Note: Semi-private has 2 riders and Group has 3+ riders.

Ground lessons / 4-5 yrs old:   Note: Most children 5 yrs and under do not have enough motor skill development to safely control a horse on their own.

Ground lessons would include learning:

       � Basic horse tack                                              � Basic horse anatomy

       � Basic horse grooming                                     � Basic horse leading

       � Basic horse behaviors                                    � Basic horsemanship

         brushing a horse                                                        washing a horse

Your child will receive supervised beginner instruction in a pleasant atmosphere on simple horse knowledge and tasks with horses. Perfect for those parents who want their children to have experiences with horses, but in a way that allows the child to develop at their own pace within a safer environment.

Meinhardt Archival Photography  

While your in riding lessons, have a professional photographer take some snapshots of you!

To set up your personal photo shoot, go to our links page for more information. 

If you do not own a horse, contact us about take riding lessons. 
We encourage all skill levels and riding disciplines to enjoy our facility.

If you have a horse at home and are looking to sharpen your riding skills, you may trailer in your own horse and take an individual riding lesson with the instructor (day fees apply). 

We welcome other instructors to inquire about opportunities 
at our stable! 
Contact us for details.

Thornberry is all about fun with horses, however, we want to warn you of the possibility of dangers when riding a horse, particularly young children who have not developed strong motor skills.  All horses, whether trained or not, are unpredictable and can be dangerous.  They are not machines and do not always behave how we would like them to.  We feel it is a stable's responsibility to inform you of the possibility of risk during activities with horses.  Our goal is to bring people and horses together as safely as possible, therefore we endorse that learning and gaining knowledge about every aspect of horses should be a major portion of the horse experience.




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